Multichannel listing software

Updated on July 22, 2024


Nembol as a multichannel listing software

Nembol is a cloud-based syncing and listing software which enables you to extract products from your commerce channels, and list products in bulk on multiple additional channels.

Find out which commerce and social channels Nembol integrates!

What is Cross-listing?

Cross-listing refers to the practice of listing your products on multiple channels to increase their visibility and reach a larger audience. 

This process can be done manually or automated, allowing the same product to appear on various online platforms.

Cross-listed products can be either physical or digital, maximizing exposure and potential sales.

Why should you cross-list?

1. Expand your potential audience

When you list thousands of items, and sell them across multiple platforms, cross-listing significantly increases the number of people who may see them. This strategy maximizes your potential audience and optimizes your chances of making more sales.

2. Increase your brand awareness

When more people see your products, they also become more aware of your brand, whether you are a producer, manufacturer, or distributor. As your products appear in more places, your brand gains greater visibility. 

This is tied into your brand positioning, which refers to where your brand stands in the market. To maintain and enhance your brand positioning, it’s essential to carefully select the platforms where your products are listed.

3. Drive traffic to your e-commerce website

By listing your services and products on multiple channels, you can generate more inbound traffic. Ensure you represent your brand effectively and include inbound links to direct potential customers to your e-commerce website.

4. Post your products on social media

Consider posting your products on social media, as platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest are increasingly integrating with e-commerce. 

The goal of listing on multiple channels is to reach clients where they are and when they are online, engaging with different activities. This strategy allows you to connect with customers in various contexts, potentially leading to a higher conversion rate.

5. Link and sync your products across different channels

Using a software tool can significantly simplify the management of dozens or even hundreds of products simultaneously. An automated tool performs two essential tasks: linking your products across multiple channels and synchronizing their inventory, stock count, titles, prices, descriptions, and pictures.

Important solutions offered by Nembol

Selling Different Types of Products?

If you need to manage distinct types of products that don’t fit well together in a single store, consider opening two separate stores. Nembol allows you to link these stores, creating a centralized repository of products. You can then allocate a part of your inventory to one online store and another part of it to the second, ensuring each store sells the relevant products effectively.

Looking to implement Different Pricing Strategies?

If you have multiple pricing strategies for different product types or seasonal pricing adjustments, such as end-of-year sales, Nembol can help. By listing your products across various channels through Nembol, you can apply centralized pricing rules to adjust prices in bulk. This allows you to modify prices for all or specific portions of your products, whether you’re targeting different product categories or making seasonal changes throughout the year.

Needing to migrate between e-commerce platforms?

With Nembol, migrating your listings between e-commerce platforms is straightforward. Connect Nembol to your source channel (Channel A) to extract your listings, then link it to your destination channel (Channel B) to transfer the listings seamlessly. This process allows you to efficiently move your products across various e-commerce platforms.

Needing to convert your prices into different currencies

If you need to manage prices in various currencies or list the same items on marketplaces targeting different countries, Nembol can help. Using Nembol’s pricing rules, you can adjust the prices on your destination channels with a percentage increase or decrease. 

This feature works with any currency worldwide, allowing you to seamlessly adapt to global markets.

Cross-listing with Nembol

If you don't have listings online yet

  • Create a Nembol account, and set up accounts for your channels.
  • Write descriptions, upload pictures, create titles, and set prices within Nembol. Alternatively, you can upload this information via a CSV file.
  • Extract the CSV file from your legacy system, and upload it into Nembol.
  • Manage all your products centrally and list them across multiple channels when ready.

If you already have listings on one online channel

  • Connect your existing channel to Nembol.
  • Import your products into Nembol.
  • Review and manage your listings as needed.
  • Connect additional channels, and list your products on new platforms. This will significantly increase your visibility.

If you already have listings on multiple channels

  • Connect your channels to Nembol.
  • Import your listings from each channel into Nembol.
  • Nembol will keep everything aligned. 

You can manage titles, descriptions, and pricing rules centrally within Nembol, ensuring consistency across all channels.